Using the Bathroom While Carrying Concealed

What happens when you have to go to the bathroom while carrying concealed? You know when it is time to take a dump, but you are not in your usual place.

If you are one of those people that don’t feel comfortable taking poo on a public toilet, this article might interest you. This is a situation you’ll have to deal with sooner or later.

I have a concealed carry gun. What do I do now? This is a question that should come to your mind when you are doing a certain function.

There is always the option to leave your gun in the car, but what if someone tries to attack you while you literally have your pants down?

In most cases, the firearm is hidden near the waistline on the torso. If one walks into the bathroom and drops the pants, this poses a variety of challenges. Let us look at how to deal safely and tactically with this situation.

Let’s discuss how to use the bathroom when you’re concealed carrying before you encounter this situation. Despite my best efforts to find the most useful information about concealed carry guns in bathrooms, I was somewhat disappointed.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Going To The Bathroom While CC

Many good ideas have been suggested, but not enough to explore the topic in depth. Consider two key factors that balance the ideas and topics discussed in this article.

Security and accessibility are two separate issues. Concealed carry for self-defense is important on both counts.

  • Accessibility

Our goal is to avoid becoming vulnerable at any time. The fact that we cannot retrieve our firearms and fire when we are sitting in a stall is a great point of vulnerability.

  • Safety

Additionally, we need to strike a balance between being ready for tactical response and being able to ensure safety.

  • Choosing Appropriate Locations

It is not just about cleanliness that you should look for in a bathroom.  There are some bathroom options that are better than others, especially if it’s not an emergency.

The best choice you can make is to find an individual bathroom. There is no need to be concerned about people seeing your gun when you enter and exit.

A big box store with family bathrooms is a good place to look. The ladies’ bathroom is often located on the other side of the store from the men’s toilet. If you cannot find it there, ask for it at the back.

Tips For Using the Bathroom While Carrying Concealed

It is time to put some serious effort into starting your natural business once you have found a location.

Though it seems simple, pulling up your pants changes when you carry a gun.

You may need to pay attention when you drop your drawers when you don’t want to be obvious about what’s attached to your belt.

Besides noticing the extra weight, you will have to watch the barrel’s direction, the amount of space under the stall wall, and how to handle your pants as they rise.

How To Position Your Gun When Seated

The four rules of gun safety must be followed regardless of where you are; remember them? When you have your pistol resting loosely between your legs in your pants, it’s very important to keep something in your hand.

In the event of an accidental discharge, you want to make sure you’re not pointing it in a dangerous direction.

This is not an option, given the layout of a bathroom stall. Since it wouldn’t stop much if it were flimsy drywall and 2×4, you could try pointing it at the corner office wall.

Rely On Your Carry Holster

Even if your gun flips upside down, you shouldn’t have to worry about it falling out of the holster if you manage to use a good comfort sig holster with good retention. 

As part of this test, your holster should allow you to shake it upside down with a magazine (or unloaded gun) inside without it falling out.

Additionally, many of us carry an additional magazine or two in our carriers. While having them on hand when something breaks or you need a reload is great, they can be a nuisance during everyday activities.

You won’t have to drop your pants to retrieve your gun from the holster when you know that it won’t fall out.

Keep tension on your belt (the belt) by simply unbuckling it but keeping it tight at all times.  You can now lower your pants while guiding your holster into a place where you want it to lie now that you have control of the loose weapon.

Don’t Leave Your Gun In The Bathroom

Consistency is key. Simple repetition is all it takes to create muscle memory. Doing the same thing over and over again will make it easier for you to remember it. Practicing at home will help.

Even if you do not need to sit down, do so for a few weeks so that you can practice and repeat. Make sure your gun is not in an area you can ignore. Since the dispenser and the back of the toilet are towards the back, you can more easily overlook them once you are standing at the exit.

Always keep your gun in a holster. Additionally, if you keep your gun in the holster, it is less likely to be forgotten, even when it is removed from your clothing or body.

Final Words

There are always other options if you don’t want to deal with bathroom stuff while carrying concealed. In the event of an emergency, carrying off-body does not provide the same level of protection as carrying on-body.

A holster for the ankle does the same thing. However, switching the method of carrying in the bathroom would be a little out of the ordinary. And that is all the tips I can give you for using the bathroom while carrying concealed. Be sure that your firearm is in a safe location and facing the right way. It’s important to remember that gun ownership comes with a lot of responsibility—all the way into the can.

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