Home Security Tips | Keep Your Guns & Valuables Safe From Intruders

Is your home as safe as it could be? Coming up, we have simple ways to improve your home’s security. A safe and protected home is something we all want but may not have. Well, Robert Larry from Robert Defense is here to show some easy ways to beef up your security.

When it comes to beef up our home defense, we joke a lot. We all think of doing this and that, until the neighbor down the street has a break-in, that is when we tend to get serious.

Nowadays, all of us want to keep our valuable possessions at home in a safe. It’s certainly a trend going on. So, if you are going out to buy a safe or research online, what do you look for first?

First things first. Since we are talking about home security tips, and you want to buy a safe, I will encourage all homeowners to buy at least a one-hour fire-rated safe should the house ever catch on fire.

Okay. So, what is the one-hour part?

Most fireproof gun safes will have a fireproof rating. One hour fire rating means essentially that the safe can withstand the temperatures of a fire, and the content won’t combust. That’s a minimum. Depending on the size of the house, we would upgrade from there.

People are buying safes at such a rate that it is becoming a news item. Even with the economy going down, we see the trend because of two things.

People either have already seen an increase in crime in their neighborhood, or they expect to see an increase in crime, so they’re looking at ways to protect their valuables.

And then the other trend that we’re seeing is that people are taking a little bit of money out of the bank, not everything, just enough to be cautious so that they can have something to live off of for a few weeks should a bank ever fail.

People just want to have a little safety nest in the home to protect themselves, so instead of a coffee can buried in the backyard, a safe is certainly a better choice here.

For Handgun Owners

If you own a handgun or two, I recommend you use a handgun safe. A home safe would do. Make sure it has a one-hour fire rating. You can get those with electronic combinations. A keypad or a biometric safe is familiar to everyone.

Another option is to go with a floor safe. This type of safe mostly comes with a standard dial. A one-hour fire safe is great. People bolt them to the floor; they’re very secure.

But if somebody ever got into the house, they would see the safe. And if they saw it, they would know it’s there and try to get to it. So, a floor safe gives you the added protection that it’s on the floor, typically under the carpet or wood, so it’s not visual to someone that breaks into your home.

Upping The Gun Safe Game

Most of the home safes can be bought fairly cheap. However, you can find safes, especially home safes that can cost over a thousand dollars if you get a burglary-rated safe. They have what they call glass re-lockers in them.

So, the problem with most safe to sit on the floor is that, as I mentioned, somebody can come in and see it, and they’re going to try to get it out of your home.

A glass re-locker is a glass plate in the front of the door should anybody try to pry the safe, or it gets knocked over, or someone tries to throw it into the back of a pickup, that glass shatters, and it locks the safe down. So those things can cost thousands of dollars.

Buying Gun Safes That Are New & Up To Date 

Most people also don’t know how easy it is to get into some safes. You can find a lot of materials online about what some people do in order to bypass the lock. There are a lot of ways to manipulate older safes. However, most of the safes that are coming out today are very secured.

But in the past, especially early on, people really were afraid of electronics because they were easy to get into. If you have a safe that has an electronic combination that’s more than five years old so, you can actually hook a battery into it and pop the safe open.

Beefing Up Your Lock Integrity

People are beefing up their lock integrity. People are swapping their old door lock out and getting light commercial-grade locks. They are heavier and much more robust lock that has a collar that goes all the way through the door. You can also install smart door locks.

However, I would stick to manual locks for now. Whatever you do, make sure to get the latest door locks that are resistant to the latest techniques that people are using to get into the homes. There are plenty of door locks developed in recent years to really protect the home.

Getting an electronic lock for the home might also be a good idea if you’re somebody who locks yourself out of the house often. You use the code to get into the house instead of a key. Electronic access for the home has improved a lot recently.

This is common in businesses, and now it’s making its way down to the residential market.

Final Words

Hey, if you ever want to learn more about home defense, do give us a shoutout. We will be giving out a wealth of information about security safes, types of safes, the techniques, and how to protect yourself from intruders.

Always go big on safes. The bigger they are, the better. There are plenty of good steps to secure your home, but these are just the basics.

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