How to Hide a Safe in Your House?

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It seems that everybody is deciding to keep their valuables at home in safes. Sometimes the best safe isn’t the most secure safe. It’s the safe no one knows.

You can try to hide your safe or buy a safe that is designed to be hidden. For example, a couple of good safe options are wall safes and floor safes. They are also known as hidden safes. 

You can also get your hands on aftermarket products to hide your safes. In this article, we’re going to talk about some popular ways to hide a safe.

How to Hide Gun Safes in House?

1. Getting A Wall Safe

The first safe we’re going to be talking about is a wall safe. Now, these are absolutely the best way to hide a safe because you could secure them in the wall right behind a picture or a piece of art so that no one knows the safe is there.

It’s really ideal if you have a small set of valuables that you want to hide. Now, why do I say a small set? Well, the problem with wall safes primarily is that they don’t have a lot of space in them because they’re meant to go into a wall that’s only four inches deep.

You end up only having about two and a half inches of active space inside of a wall safe, so you can’t put a lot of possessions inside of them.

The other issue with most wall safes is they’re not fireproof. This is because they’re built with such limited space, they can’t have the extra bulk required to make them fireproof.

But if you’re trying to conceal something from somebody that’s breaking into the house and you don’t want them to know a safe is there, wall safes are one of the best ways to do it.

2. Getting Wall Safes With Fire Ratings

If you are building a house, there are wall safes that you can purchase with fire ratings, but they’re much deeper.

So, you’re actually going to have to design the wall or space that you’re putting it in ahead of time. However, wall safes are a great option for a concealed safe.

3. Getting An In-Ground Safe

Now with a little forethought, one of the best options for a concealed safe is an in-ground safe. The safe actually doesn’t sit on the ground. It goes into the concrete, and the concrete comes up to the lid so that you can lay a carpet or something over it, so no one knows that the safe is in the foundation.

They have a lid that pops off and beneath that is the door to the vault. Now, these doors are normally spring, or actuator loaded so that they’ll help you lift that weight up. These come in a variety of sizes.

The biggest fault with an in-ground safe is that most new homes are constructed with a post-tension slab. And you can’t put a safe into the concrete that is post-tension because you’ll ruin the structural integrity of those tension cables.

And if you hit one, it could be a disaster. So, if you have a really old house that doesn’t have a post-tension slab, you can put these in.

Otherwise, you need to plan your development and plan your build with the floor safe in mind so that before they pour the foundation, you can get these safes in.

One of the best things about floor safes is that they are typically burglary-rated. Try to get a safe that has a half-inch solid steel door, so you get a lot of security with a floor safe.

4. Which One Is Better?

With a wall safe, because they’re going into such a tight space, they don’t have a very thick door or a very protective layer. They are relying on the fact that it’s hidden. With in-ground floor safes, you get the hidden feature as well as the security feature of the small safe.

The major weakness of floor safes is that they are not watertight. So, in the event of a fire, somebody comes in, and they start spreading water everywhere; water will get into this safe.

They do inherently have some fire protection because they are below the ground, in the concrete, and in the ground. So, they are fire protected to some extent even though they don’t have official fire ratings.

But water will definitely get in, so you want to make sure that you have a way to ensure the water integrity of any content that you’re putting into the safe.

5. Using A Safe Cloak

The last thing I want to talk about isn’t a way to hide a safe from somebody that’s already gained access to the home, but what we find is with larger gun safes, a lot of people are putting them out into the garage.

And if the garage door is open and somebody’s driving along the street, they can see that there’s a safe in there. So, American security came out with a great product called a safe cloak.

Now it’s designed by American security for American security safes but what you’ll find is that most gun safes come in standard sizes so that you can use this product on gun safes from other manufacturers and other brands.

Now, what’s really cool about this product is it essentially just lies over the face of the gun safe and makes the gun safe look like a cabinet. Now, if you’re in the garage, you’ll see it’s not a cabinet because the sides are exposed.

But if somebody’s driving by on the street and looks into your garage when the garage isn’t open, it actually creates a very good illusion that it is a cabinet and not a gun safe.

Final Words

I could go on and on about hiding a gun safe, but these three are my favorite. These are the three things you can do to hide your gun safe and keep your valuables safe.

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