Top 10 Gift Ideas For Gun Lovers In 2021

As we approach the festive season, you are probably busy deciding what to give to friends and family. If you know someone who likes guns, then this article can help you determine what gift to get them.

Many of the items on this list aren’t exclusively for pro-gun Americans. Gun-themed gifts may be primarily aimed at gun enthusiasts, but they can easily fit in most man caves or bachelor pads. The reason is that none of them are lethal.

Whether you have a smaller budget or a larger one, we can help you find the perfect gift for them. Rather than be very subject to preference or type of gun, we will focus on gifts that every gun lover would like.

Gifts For Gun Lovers

It is not uncommon for shooters to be particular about the gear they use. By not knowing which gun gift to give, you could end up giving them the wrong thing, or you could end up getting them something that they already have.

Likewise, you may have noticed that some gun gear is quite pricey if you have already been shopping for shooting-related gifts. There’s no need to worry anymore!

The following gift ideas are sure to please the gun enthusiast in your life. To make it easier for you to find the right gift for men and women who enjoy guns of all budgets, we have organized our recommendations by price.

1. Black Rifle Coffee

There is something about coffee and guns that is simply irresistible. Coffee and guns are two of the things that the folks at Black Rifle Coffee do best!

Gun lover or not, it’s impossible not to have tried Black Rifle Coffee if you’re a red-blooded American. The sampler pack of “K Cups” is recommended here, but there is also regular coffee.

2. Bigmouth Gun Mug

Thousands of firearm mugs have been sold since the launch of BigMouth Inc’s gun mug. This gun mug from BigMouth Inc features a pistol grip handle so you can take your coffee with precision.

3. The Original BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass

We’ve finally found a shot glass that’s actually a “shot glass”! This would make a wonderful gift for someone who shoots. Whenever it is released, it will surely be a topic of conversation. It has a real bullet embedded in handmade glass.

The glass was not actually shot (it would have broken). A real bullet has been glued to the glass after being indented. It cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

4. American Brass: .50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener in Box

50mm casings have been machined into bottle openers for a lifetime of memories and conversations. A bottle opener isn’t just a novelty item. You can prove to yourself that you can crack ice cold ones open with them.

5. Ultimate Rifle Build Barrel Snake

Cleaning and maintaining a firearm properly are important if you want to enjoy shooting it. You can also put this in the range bag for your shooter to keep in the event that they need it at the range, even if they have a full cleaning kit.

Here’s the deal: the bore-snake is quick and convenient. This is a great product that does a great job. Nevertheless, it doesn’t replace an in-depth barrel cleaning, especially with precision rifles.

If you are ordering a bore snake, make sure it is the correct size for the firearm of your recipient. Take the 9mm if they have a 380 or a 380. You should get the .40 size if they have a 40-caliber or a 10-caliber. You can also get the .45 size if they have a 45 ACP.

6. Pistol Range Bag

A pistol range bag is a must-have item for anyone who likes to shoot pistols – whether they just enjoy the range or compete!

These bags will help them organize all of the stuff they’ll bring to the range with them, such as a pistol, magazines, ear protectors, ammo, targets, and maybe even a shot timer.

7. Electronic Hearing Protection

It is crucial to protect your ears if you love guns! It is super helpful to have an extra pair of ear pro in their range bag, even if they already have their own favorite set. We like electronic ear muffs the best for new shooters (especially those who are still learning about their guns).

Howard Leight Impact Sport Ear Muffs are among the best and least expensive electronic earmuffs. In addition, they automatically cancel loud noises such as gunfire, allowing the wearer to amplify normal sounds (like talking, range instructions).

They are much more durable than the much more expensive sets, and I have tried many more expensive sets with much shorter battery lives (they have an automatic shut-off feature).

8. Zore X Core Series Gun Lock

What could possibly be better than loving guns?  Loving guns responsibly. Zero X Core Series Gun Locks are among the top tools available for those concerned with safety.

This model features a RAPIDial that makes it quick and easy to unlock the gun, even in low visibility.

9. SentrySafe Pistol Safe Gun Safe

Locking your gun up really means locking up your gun completely. There is no getting around it. You can’t slide your nightstand into the bottom of your closet and hope that your kids will never discover it.

SentrySafe gives you the option of choosing the option that meets your needs. A biometric fingerprint lock is also available, along with electronic locks and key locks.

10. Tactical Holster

For a handgun, a holster is essential. Holsters provide comfort and security to the shooter when he wants to use his hands for other activities.

The holsters we recommend depend on the intended use of the holster, and there are different types of holsters for different purposes. This is a great p365 holster for use at the range, in competition, or for tactical training.

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