Concealed Carry: All About Pocket Carry

Gun naming schemes are usually self-explanatory, which is one of our favorite aspects of the gun world. As with any other style of carrying, this one is no exception. The pocket carry method is the act of concealing your firearm in… your pocket.

It is generally advised to avoid carrying in the pocket when at all possible. Generally speaking, it is better to carry in the waistband if at all possible.

I believe it’s more accurate to say pocket carry is – when done properly – an incredibly effective method for concealing a firearm. Your wardrobe and preferences will dictate if you want to carry the gun in the front or back pocket. We will discuss that in more detail later.

As a general rule, carrying a concealed weapon in a pocket is not a good idea. Strongside carries deserve this honor. There are times when there is no other way to carry. The pocket carry option is a great solution if you need something apart from the belt due to your lifestyle, career, or clothing.

What is the correct way to carry one in the pocket? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you.

Get A Pocket Holster

A pocket holster is the most important item. You’re already a cut above many others who take unnecessary risks with their safety if you only do what this article suggests.

Holsters are both firearm safety equipment and ways to carry an armed weapon. Guns are safe when they are carried in holsters.

Why Do You Need One?

There are two reasons why a pocket holster is vital.

Protecting the trigger is the first reason. As a tiny snag is barely distinguishable from unintentional discharge, nothing should be allowed to touch the trigger.

There are many instances where a loose trigger has caused a pistol to discharge when the owner is pocket carrying without a holster, as is easily demonstrated by searching Google for “accidental discharge” or “negligent discharge”.

Today, striking pistols with light triggers and passive safety are the most popular pistols. In reality, they are not inherently unsafe, but they require the trigger to be protected through the entire process to be secure.

Exposed trigger guards put your safety at risk, as well as everyone around you. There can be no room for such behavior.

Next, ensure that the concealment is properly drawn. Carrying a concealed weapon requires you to have the ability to get your gun into action.

If you don’t have a concealed carry pocket holster, you will easily snag the gun’s sights or other contours when you take the gun out of the pocket. Guns are not supposed to be carried around without a holster and inside the pocket for this very reason.

Pros of Pocket Carry

Having said that, this method of carrying does not rely on a belt, which is the biggest advantage of pocket carry. Carrying a gun in your pocket is a great option if you can’t carry a strong side or an appendix. As a result, it’s quite convenient.

You aren’t required to buy a gun belt or a holster to use it. It’s just a matter of popping the gun into your pocket (in a pocket holster, of course).

Lastly, carrying a gun in a pocket can be a more discreet method of drawing a weapon. In contrast to a regular IWB draw stroke, no one thinks the person with their hands in their pocket is going to draw out a weapon.

Cons of Pocket Carry

There are, however, a few disadvantages to pocket carry.  The fact that not everyone is able to conceal carry makes it one of the most limiting options.

The small size of women’s pockets (and sometimes no pocket option at all) precludes the convenience of pocket carrying with female clothing. The ladies don’t have a lot of options in this category.

If you are really serious about carrying a weapon in your pocket, I recommend buying a pair of men’s jeans. In the same way, men are not totally immune to the fashion industry.

Some pants aren’t designed for pocket carry, so you’ll want to check your closet to see if you have any pants with pockets large enough to accommodate your CCW pistol.

Choosing The Right Firearm For Pocket Carry

When you carry a firearm in your pocket, its size is limited. This is a great accessory for guns with smaller calibers, such as micro compacts and subcompacts.

Glock 19 fans, this one isn’t for you. In any case, a small gun will have a harder time drawing from a pocket than from a holster. Take a moment to consider this.

You need to reach into your pocket. Then conquer the pocket. The holster will need to be contained within the gun pocket, depending on the type of holster. After that, you will need to draw your gun. Training can eliminate this obstacle, but it is still less efficient than a holstered IWB / IWB 26 , OWB, or AIWB gun.

How To Pocket Carry?

The best pockets to carry a pistol are the front pants pockets, the cargo pockets, and the jacket pockets. Wallet carry is possible but will be more difficult. In addition, sitting is incredibly uncomfortable.

Others carry backup guns in pocket p365 holsters while some carry their primary handgun in this manner. Occasionally, people carry their firearms in their pockets, for example, when accessing a waistband holster is problematic in the winter. The decision is yours.

You should, however, make sure that pocket carrying works for you. Concealing effectively and safely should be your top priority. Having said that, you should also ensure that you have access to the gun should the need arise. In the absence of this, you’re essentially carrying a paperweight around with you.

It is definitely possible to carry concealed with a belly holster in your pocket if you choose the right gun and holster and practice a bit.

Final Words

Practicing and training are always the last steps because the quality of your gear depends on your skills. A dry fire drill gives you a great sense of how to handle the carry setup in real-world situations, and you can do it at home for free.

In addition, you can only carry smaller guns in pocket carry – think micros and subcompacts. In addition, do not ever carry your gun without a holster in your pocket. While pocket carry doesn’t seem like the most attractive thing to do, it is still useful.

And that is all there is to know about pocket carry and carrying concealed.

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