Tips for Concealed Carry and Home-Defense in Winter

Tips for Concealed Carry and Home-Defense in Winter

The CCW game gets smaller in the summer. Your gun is likely not as large when covered with a tee or other lighter shirt, so it’ll be more concealable since there’s less material to reduce printing. With colder weather, concealability options are completely different from what they are in the summer. It has some advantages … Read more

Concealed Carry: All About Pocket Carry

All About Pocket Carry

Gun naming schemes are usually self-explanatory, which is one of our favorite aspects of the gun world. As with any other style of carrying, this one is no exception. The pocket carry method is the act of concealing your firearm in… your pocket. It is generally advised to avoid carrying in the pocket when at … Read more

How To Conceal Carry A Full-Size (Or Even Larger) Gun

Conceal Carry A Full-Size

A full-size pistol is a great carry weapon to have since it can save your life in an emergency. There are times when carrying a pocket pistol isn’t enough. Choose your handgun based on what you can shoot the best, whether it is a pistol or a revolver. When you talk about concealed carry with … Read more

Concealed Carry: Pros And Cons Of Shoulder Carry

Concealed Carry Shoulder Carry

Concealed carry depends heavily on choosing the right holster. Never purchase a holster that is the most fashionable looking. The holster that you choose must be durable, comfortable, convenient, and most importantly, safe. With this article, we will look at how shoulder carries work, discuss why they are useful, and also discuss their drawbacks. The … Read more

Where To Keep Guns For Home Defense?

Where To Keep Guns For Home Defense

When it comes to home defense, the storage of guns is often overlooked. If someone were to attack our home, a significant focus would be on the weapons and ammunition we should buy and how we would react. But where exactly should you keep a home defense gun? Gun storage at a single location is … Read more

How To Keep A Gun Safe From Tipping Over?

How To Keep A Gun Safe From Tipping Over

Gun safes that weigh under or around 500 pounds are at risk of tipping over. It becomes even more riskier if the safe isn’t bolted properly. That is why it is always recommended that you bolt the safe to the floor. If you own a safe that is on the lighter side, the chances are … Read more

How to Hide a Safe in Your House?

Install Gun Safe in your house

It seems that everybody is deciding to keep their valuables at home in safes. Sometimes the best safe isn’t the most secure safe. It’s the safe no one knows. You can try to hide your safe or buy a safe that is designed to be hidden. For example, a couple of good safe options are … Read more

How to Install Gun Safe in a Closet?

How to Install Gun Safe in a Closet

Just because you have bought a gun safe doesn’t mean your guns are secured yet. If you want to take your gun security up a notch, you will need to choose the best place to install a gun safe. Now, a hidden gun safe is safer than one that is in plain sight. Also, if … Read more