Best IWB holster for XDS – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best IWB holster for XDS

Personal safety should always be a top priority for any individual. With the rising rate of crime around the states, more and more people have opted to go for a small and concealed weapon to keep themselves safe and protected. One of the best weapons for this job is the Springfield XDS.

It is a compact yet powerful handgun capable of delivering devastating blows in close to medium range. As a result, this became the perfect choice for people who take personal safety seriously A Springfield XDS is a compact enough gun to keep it away from others, while strong enough to deter trespassers.

However, the issue with any compact pistol is carrying it. Yes, you can fit it in your pockets, but it is not safe. Carrying any weapon without the right holsters is a bad idea since the gun can go off by accident. What you need is the best IWB holster for XDS to make sure your weapon stays safe and concealed.

In this article, we will give you a thorough rundown of the top IWB holsters in the market that you can buy for your Springfield XDS. So without further delay, let us get started.

Top 5 Best IWB Holsters for Springfield XDS

Gun holsters are an essential accessory for anyone who wants to carry around their firearm. Anyone who owns a weapon also owns at least one or two holsters to go with it. Because of the demand for this device, many brands in the market want to make a quick profit.

But not all brands will give you the same level of quality as popular brands like Amberite, or FoxX. Understandably those brands also ask a bit more for their holsters. Still, if you are on a budget, there are a select few units out there that will give you a near-perfect experience.

In the following section of the article, we will give you a quick review of some of the finest IWB holsters in the market at different price ranges so you have no trouble picking out the perfect one for you.

1. Amberide IWB Holster for XDS

Amberide IWB Holster for XDS

If there ever was a perfect holster for the Springfield XDS, it would have to be the one by Amberide. Often dubbed as one of the finest brands, this holster is a great choice if you are looking for an excellent way to carry your weapon without giving away its location.

This unit is compatible with both the Springfield XDS 3.3 inches and Mod.2 3.3 inches. However, if you have the Mod.2 Optics Ready version, it will not fit the holster. To put things simply, if you are a fan of optics attachments, this might not be the right holster for you.

Other than this minor issue, you will find very little to complain about. It has all the standard adjustability features like cant and retention adjustments you could hope for. You can adjust the cant angle up to 15 degrees with the holster and the retention setup is perfect to help you get the most out of your pistol draw.

Since it features a Kydex construction, you will have nothing to worry about in terms of durability. All the small hardware of the unit is well-made. Even the 1.5-inch standard belt clip features metal construction to ensure it does not break apart any time soon.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Highly adjustable design
  • Comfortable, low-profile design
  • Powder-coated stainless steel hardware


  • Not suitable for Springfield XDS Mod.2 OSP

2. Kosibate IWB Holster for XDS 9mm

Kosibate IWB Holster for XDS 9mm

Kosibate might not be on the top of your list for a favorite gun accessory brand. However, when it comes to the best IWB holster for XDS 45, this brand does not disappoint. This lightweight leather holster has the capacity to blow you away with its excellent build quality and design.

First of all, it is an extremely affordable sig Comfortable holster with a slim, low-profile design. It offers an excellent entry point for people on a tight budget. Despite its smaller price tag, the performance it delivers is comparable to some of the other big names in the industry. If the value is what you are after, this is a great option.

Since it is a leather holster, adjustability is not its primary concern. However, compatibility-wise, it is extremely versatile. With this holster, you will be able to use almost any of the popular casual handguns in the market including Glock handguns, H&K’s VP line of pistols, not to mention the Springfield XDS.

The retention in the unit is perfect and after some break-in period, will hug your gun without making it too difficult to pull out. Reinforced stitching in the pressure points of the holster ensures optimal performance and retention for a long time. To top it off, the sturdy metal J-clip keeps it snugly attached to your waistband without any issues.


  • Comes at a highly affordable price
  • Excellent leather construction
  • Reinforced stitching in the joints
  • Fast and efficient draw


  • Not very adjustable

3. FoxX IWB Holster for Springfield XDS

FoxX IWB Holster for Springfield XDS

The next product on our list is from another giant brand in the industry of weapon holsters, FoxX. But the good thing about this brand is that despite their premium build quality, they do not ask for a steep price tag as with most other competing brands. This is what sets them apart and makes them popular among people on a budget.

This unit is not exactly a traditional IWB 26 holster but rather a blend of the belly band and IWB. Because of the unique design of the unit, not only does it provide prime concealment but also accounts for the highest level of comfort for the user. The manufacturers call it a hybrid holster.

It provides adjustment options for both the ride height and cant angle which makes it one of the most versatile options in the market. It makes sure nothing can come in the way of your drawing comfort and speed. However, the overall construction also means that you have only one mounting option for the holster.

The unit is made using 9 ounces of premium leather for the part that goes on your waistband. For the holster section, it uses .06 inches of Kydex polymer. Sure, the polymer is a bit thinner than standard, but still, it does not pose any issues in terms of durability.


  • Unique hybrid design
  • Comfortable and excellent concealment
  • Highly adjustable design
  • Nice blend of leather and Kydex


  • Not very versatile

4. FoxX IWB Holster for XDS 45

FoxX IWB Holster for XDS 45

If the previous unit by FoxX that we reviewed was any indication, the brand offers unprecedented value for people who do not want to overspend. If you do not want a hybrid holster, but still want the quality that the brand has to offer, then take a look at the traditional holster for XDS by them.

This unit is a great option for people who just want a quick and easy holster. It offers excellent adjustment options and a few quality of life improvement features that makes it a worthy choice for just about anyone. As far as the best IWB holsters for Springfield XDS 45 go, this is one of the finest.

In terms of adjustments, you can customize the cant from 0 to 15 degrees using a simple Philips head screwdriver. The retention strength right out of the box feels perfect. But if you need to modify it, that option is still available to you. Every aspect of the unit is designed to meet your exact specifications.

This unit features no leather part and comes with a full Kydex construction. To further enhance its durability, the unit comes with a full sweat guard that protects your gun from getting damped. the 1.5-inch J-Clip is made of metal and offers a stable concealed carry experience to the user.


  • It offers an excellent value for the price
  • Excellent cant and retention adjustments
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • It comes with a built-in sweat guard


  • No apparent cons

5. Amberide IWB Holster for Springfield XDS 3.3

Amberide IWB Holster for Springfield XDS 3.3

We will be wrapping things off as we started it; with a great option by none other than Amberide. You already have a notion of the quality that the brand offers. This one shares many of the premium features along with a few different ones making it a great little option for just about anyone.

Similar to the other unit by Amberide, this one is not compatible with any optics-ready XDS. This might be an issue for people who want to equip a laser or a night sight on their weapon. However, for people who want a straightforward holster for their no-nonsense gun, this is a perfect choice.

As expected, the cant and retention strength adjustment in the unit is top-notch giving you complete flexibility to fully customize your carrying and drawing experience. Whenever you get in a high-stress situation, you can whip out your gun at a moment’s notice.

The sturdy and rugged Kydex .08-inch construction of the unit boasts excellent durability and long-term performance. Since it is waterproof and washable, keeping your holster clean should never be an issue. If you prioritize concealment and draw speed, then this is an obvious choice.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Highly adjustable design
  • Washable and waterproof
  • Comes with a sweat guard


  • Not suitable for handgun sights and optics

Things to Consider when Buying the Best IWB Holster for XDS

Buying a holster for your weapon should never be taken lightly. Everything from your draw speed to reflex and comfort of carrying the gun will depend on the quality of the holster.

Although you now have a few great options from our list of reviews, this does not mean you will be able to pick out the perfect unit for yourself. Despite all the simplicity, a holster comes with many small critical details that affect its overall performance.

Without understanding these intricacies, there is a risk that you end up with a mediocre unit at best. Before taking any hasty decision, you should take a moment to learn about the small details that make a good holster.

In the following section of the article, we will give you a complete rundown of some of the elements that you need to consider when buying the best IWB holster for XDS 9mm handguns.

  • Trigger Guard

The trigger guard in a gun holster is the element that mostly accounts for your safety. It prevents accidental pull of the trigger when unholstering your weapon. Without a proper trigger guard, there is always a risk of the gun going off when you are trying to access it hastily.

We always recommend checking the trigger guard quality before you commit to a specific holster. If it does not come with one, then you might need to invest in an after-market guard or make one yourself. In that case, see if installing a trigger guard on the holster manually will cause any issues with the overall performance.

  • Printing

The main priority of an IWB holster is concealment. And if it fails at that, there really is no point in buying it. By concealment, keeping the gun under your shirt is not always enough. If the holster is not designed right, even if your weapon is underneath your shirt, it will leave a visible printing.

Having the silhouette of your weapon visible when you have it concealed is not exactly ideal if you want to keep your gun hidden. That is why you need to go with a slim-profile IWB holster for your XDS. All of the units that we reviewed on our list take the issue of concealment seriously.

  • Comfort

An IWB holster generally does not worry too much about comfort. Security and concealment are more important. However, if the holster is not that comfortable to wear, you will not enjoy your time wearing it. These days more and more manufacturers are trying to focus on the comfort aspects of an IWB holster.

The comfort of a holster also depends on the material of construction to some extent. For instance, a leather holster is much more comfortable to wear compared to a Kydex holster. So if you have particularly sensitive skin, you might want to go with a leather IWB holster.

  • Cant Adjustment

What good is a gun holster if you cannot access your gun easily when you need it? For the easiest draw, you want a unit that allows you to switch up and modify the cant or draw angle. Most IWB holsters give you the option to move from 0 to 15 degrees at the least.

However, some of the better models in the market may come with even more angles to adjust which can drastically improve the versatility of the holster. With more draw angle adjustment options, you will be able to mount the holster in different positions to suit your preference.

  • Retention Strength

The retention strength or gripping strength of the holster is certainly an important element to consider. When you pull the gun out of the holster, how hard does it grip the firearm? If it is too hard, then your draw speed is slower. On the other hand, if the gripping strength is too low, your weapon is not very secure.

Similar to cant adjustment, retention strength is also a modifiable factor in most gun holsters. Typically, there is a screw on the holster which you can tighten or loosen to adjust the retention to your liking. Make sure you set it up correctly for the best draw experience.

  • Weapon’s Safety

The primary job of the holster is to keep your weapon safe and secure. So a gun holster that scratches your weapon any time you pull it out is not really a good investment. Most of the budget models by cheap brands have this issue in common where they ruin the gun’s looks and finish.

We always recommend you avoid using holsters that ultimately cause damage to your weapons. This feature is also somewhat related to the retention level of the holster. If you set the retention overly tight, you need to pull the weapon out hard which can scratch your gun.

  • Weapon’s Grip

When your weapon is holstered, see how comfortable it is to get a full combat grip on it. This is a feature that gets overlooked by most first-time buyers. However, unless you can get a complete grip on your weapon, you will not be able to draw it when you need it effectively.

The grip that the holster allows will affect both the draw speed and the security of the firearm. A well-designed holster will make it easy to access your gun while making it more difficult for the enemy to disarm you. That is why you should put some thought into this factor before making your choice.

  • Durability

Buying a gun holster with questionable durability is not a smart idea. You want your gun holster to last as long as possible. Whether you are buying a leather holster or a Kydex one, you need to make sure that the material is strong enough to withstand any abuse.

Typically, a Kydex holster is much more durable than leather since it is a harder substance. But leather holsters can also last quite a while especially if it features elements like reinforced stitching. A good gun holster will take any abuse you throw at it like a champ.

  • Price

None of us like to think about the price limitations when buying a gun holster. Still, it is a factor that we must address to have a good buying experience. Before you start browsing the market, it is often a good idea to have a realistic budget in mind. And since gun holsters come in all price ranges, you have a lot of flexibility.

The benefit of having a fixed budget in mind is twofold. Firstly, you will be able to filter out a lot of the units that are out of your price range. And secondly, you can think more objectively and cater to your specific requirements. Having a budget in mind will ensure you get the most value out of your investment.

Why Do I need an IWB Holster for My Springfield XDS?

Gun holsters are an essential accessory for people who care for their safety on their daily commute. Without a gun holster, you will not have an optimal way to keep your gun on you when you are going out. And carrying a gun in your pocket without holsters is not ideal, neither is it legal.

But gun holsters come in many different varieties. You can get an OWB holster, a shoulder holster, an ankle holster, or even a pocket holster if IWB holsters are not your thing. However, before you jump the gun, keep in mind that IWB holsters are the best choice for almost any casual gun owner.

If you want to buy a gun, you need a license for it in most, if not all, states. And unless you are in law enforcement or military, the only license you can get is a concealed carry license. This means even if you have a weapon, you need to keep it concealed and away from public sight.

An IWB holster is the best way to ensure proper weapon concealment. OWB holsters on the other hand keep your weapon revealed all the time. Sure, ankle, pocket, or shoulder holsters can also serve the job of concealment but they sacrifice a lot in other sections.

For instance, the draw speed with the other types of concealed holsters we mentioned is not as high as what you would get with an IWB holster. Since the weapon rests at an easy-access position, you will be able to take out your gun whenever you need it in an emergency.

The only issue some may find about IWB holsters is the comfort. However, these days, the quality of these holsters has improved to such a level that comfort is no longer a problem. Most manufacturers ensure that their holsters are comfortable to wear even if you have to keep them on the whole day.

In fact, some IWB holsters even let you go running or jogging with it equipped. So keeping it on the whole day should not be a major problem. Whether you are male or female, an IWB holster is the perfect accessory for your handgun, if you want to take it with you everywhere.

To put it simply, an IWB holster fully complements the discreet and low-profile nature of the Springfield XDS. As a concealed carry weapon, the last thing you want is to give away its position. An IWB holster will make sure your weapon remains hidden from public sight until the need arises for you to take it out.

Sure, it might not be as comfortable or as easy to draw from as an OWB holster. But the concealment level it offers is excellent. As a user with concealed carry license, your only option for a legal way to carry your Springfield XDS is to get yourself a high-quality IWB holster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sitting with an IWB holster uncomfortable?

It depends on the model and design of the holster. In general, sitting down with an IWB holster is not as comfortable as a shoulder or an OWB holster. But you can adjust the holster angle when sitting down to make it more bearable. Our recommendation is when you are sitting down, take off the holster and put it in a drawer if you are not worried about any immediate danger.

Can I find a lefty IWB holster?

Definitely. Most manufacturers these days try to make holsters for either-handed individuals. If there is a holster you like, even if you are a lefty, there is a good chance that they have a version for you. Some holsters even feature ambidextrous designs that can suit either hand preferences.

However, before buying a product, make sure to go through the specs thoroughly to see whether it suits your hand preference.

Do I need to buy a gun belt for my IWB holster?

No. IWB holsters are meant to go in your waistband or belt of your pants. So you do not need to invest in a separately belly belt to carry the holster.

Final Thoughts

Carrying your weapon should never be taken lightly. Any crimes committed with your weapon is your responsibility. As a responsible citizen, you should always make sure that your Springfield XDS is holstered properly without coming into view of the public.

Our reviews of the best IWB holster for XDS should give you plenty of good options to carry your weapon the right way. We hope our extensive article could give you enough insights into the importance of getting a good, high-quality IWB holster for your weapon. Good Luck!

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