Best Belly Band Holster in 2021 – Reviewd By Expert

Best Belly Band Holster

After getting yourself a firearm for self-defense, the next order of business is to buy a gun holster. And when buying said gun holster there are a couple of issues you need to consider. Concealment, comfort, draw speed are all important factors that you must consider when getting a new holster.

These days, there are many different holsters available for the mass people. But none of the holster types are as comfortable and practical as the belly band holster for a casual gun owner. If you are concerned for your safety and want to carry a gun for protection, then the best belly band holster will make your life a lot easier.

What is a belly band holster you ask? Well, it is exactly as it sounds; a band that goes around your belly and has a holster slot for your weapon. But buying one for yourself is not as simple as that.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about belly band holsters so that you can get one for yourself without too much hassle.

Top 7 Best Belly Band Holsters Reviews

Getting the most out of your belly band holster requires careful planning when buying it. Since a belly band holster is typically on the cheaper side when it comes to carrying your weapon, it is easy to get confused about which brand or unit is trustworthy.

You can find many different units out there that promise excellent performance and comfort. But not all of them delivers in that regard. Without knowing about the top products on the market, there is a big chance that you end up with a mediocre unit at best.

To save you from the hassle of going through all the different units out there, here is our review of the best units that deserve your attention.

1. ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed Carry

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed Carry

If you are looking for the most comfortable belly band holster in the market, then the obvious choice would be the Ultimate Belly Band Holster by the brand ComforTac. It is a simple and straightforward unit that comes at an affordable price making it a great choice for any gun lover.

Despite its simplistic design and low-profile nature, the unit is quite versatile. It can handle almost any pistols and handguns that you might want to use. Besides, the unit can be worn so that the holster is behind the hip giving you better concealment and access to your weapon.

There are two variants of this unit, one of which is for the righties while the other is for left-handed users. The hard plastic trigger guard on the holster ensures that the weapon remains safe and there is no risk of misfiring. To adjust the retention level, you can use the metal snap strap. However, for people who prefer speed over support, you can cut it off in the end.

To account for ultimate comfort, the unit features a high-quality neoprene construction. The material feels smooth on the skin and does not cause any irritation. In addition to the weapon holster, the unit comes with an accessory pocket and a pouch to store your extra magazine rounds.


  • Extremely comfortable to wear for long hours
  • The magazine pouch is adjustable
  • Available for both lefties and righties
  • It comes with a high-quality trigger guard


  • Nothing worth mentioning

2. Aomago Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

Aomago Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

For our next unit, we will be looking at an excellent option by the brand Aomago. This one is a true hidden gem, and at first glance, you might feel like it is not a good product. However, after trying it out, any initial doubts you may have will vanish. If you want a belly band holster for running, this is it.

Since the unit is extremely low profile, concealment is not an issue with the unit. It features a snap-style closure system and supports a waist size of up to 38 inches. Since the material is elastic, you will not feel suffocated even if you wear it the whole day.

This unit comes for both hand orientations and supports fast and efficient draw. The snap button retention system means your weapon will be held securely and drawing it within a moment will not be an issue. It is extremely versatile and works with almost any of the popular handguns on the market.

The material used to make this unit is neoprene which is extremely breathable. This is one of the reasons why this holster is so comfortable to wear. It even supports multiple carry positions and comes with an additional pouch to hold extra rounds of ammunition. Overall, it is a great little investment.


  • Highly breathable neoprene construction
  • Suitable for running or intense physical activities
  • Compatible with a wide range of weapons
  • Snap-on button style retention system


  • No apparent cons, overall a great investment

3. BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

If you want a belly band holster that is perfect in almost every aspect, then look no further than the one by Bravo Belt. It is a great choice whether you are a male or a female. The holster comes with excellent design and promises the utmost comfort to the wearer, no questions asked.

As far as belly band holster for fat guys goes, there are not too many options out there. However, the XL model of this unit can support up to 55 inches of belly size. So even if you are an oversized person, you should not have any issue getting the most out of this unit.

The unit features a fully modular design. This means you can rotate the holster to your liking and get any sort of draw angle or position that you want. Since it is an ambidextrous holster, both lefties and righties can get full use out of it. In fact, it is one of the most versatile belly band holsters out there.

Similar to most other holsters on the market this one too comes with a neoprene construction. However, the Flex-fit design in the unit means that the material can mold to your body shape giving you the most comfort while in use. The only issue that we found with the unit is the minimal printing when you holster your weapon.


  • Flex fit neoprene construction
  • Suitable for oversized belly
  • Extremely versatile
  • Fully modular design


  • Leaves some printing underneath the shirt

4. Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

Ghost Concealment Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

The concealment from the last unit we reviewed was a bit lacking in the concealment department. However, this option by Ghost Concealment offers superior discretion if that is your priority. On top of that, it is also quite affordable which is good news for budget spenders.

This unit can support up to 54 inches of belly size and comes in two variants for lefties and righties. It also supports multiple carry positions including but not limited to cross draw, appendix, hip carry, or even as a should rig. If you are willing to experiment with your carry position, the holster will not hold you back.

One of the standout features of the unit is how the retention release button is placed. Since the button is located over the barrel, you will be able to draw your weapon much faster. When holstered, the retention of the unit snugly grips your weapon ensuring utmost security and safety of your weapon.

Made using breathable neoprene, comfort is never an issue with this holster. It is extremely versatile and can handle almost any weapon out there. In addition to holding compact and standard pistols, it can also hold full-sized revolvers too. Unfortunately, it is only suitable for people with a 40-inch belly size and above.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Comes with an additional magazine pouch
  • Suitable for fast weapon draw


  • Not suitable for thinner people

5. Thunderbolt XL Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster

Thunderbolt XL Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster

The Thunderbolt XL is a great belly band holster for women or men at a decent price. Although a bit underrated and ignored by a lot of users, those who have tried it once keep coming back to it. The only downside to this unit is that it supports only up to 47 inches of waist size.

However, that should not be an issue for a lot of individuals who have a thinner waist. Despite the waist size limitation, the design of the holster itself is quite decent. It even has adjustable back support to enhance your comfort especially if you are planning to wear it the whole day.

This unit features an elastic snap fastener system that lets you draw your weapon quickly without making a sound. As a result, if you are ever in a high-stress situation where you need to access your weapon, you can do it without anyone noticing. For any gun holster, this is a massive plus.

The holster is also quite durable featuring a neoprene construction with a hook and loop Velcro closure system. It is versatile and can work with multiple carry positions and weapons. The military-grade neoprene materials also prevent excessive heating ensuring you do not sweat as much even under the summer sun.


  • Fast draw speed and superior concealment
  • Military-grade neoprene construction
  • Suitable for both male and female
  • Adjustable back support


  • Not suitable for waist size above 47 inches

6. Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry by Concealed Carrier, LLC

Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry by Concealed Carrier, LLC

If you are not one to fuss about size, then maybe a universal size carry holster is what you need. This option by the brand Concealed Carrier, LLC is a great choice for people of any size. So whether you are thin and lean, or muscular, or even oversized, this holster should fit you perfectly without any issues.

The reason behind its universality in size is the highly elastic surgical grade neoprene construction. On top of being easily moldable, the material is also highly breathable which means you will never feel suffocated wearing it. It is a good choice if you plan on doing any running with your holster equipped.

This holster also supports almost any standard pistol or revolver you might own. Whether you have a Sig Sauer or an S&W Shield, you should have no trouble getting the perfect retention and draw speed from the unit. Be warned, however, concealment is not the strongest element of this holster.

The unit also features an additional pouch where you can store ammunition, money, keys, or other small items without any issues. You can use this holster in different carry positions to suit your preference. If a bit of printing is fine with you, then this one is a great option to go with.


  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Supports multiple carry positions
  • Compatible with a wide range of weapons
  • Universal size to fit any body shape


  • Leaves a bit of printing

7. CrossBreed Holsters Modular Belly Band

CrossBreed Holsters Modular Belly Band

CrossBreed is a fine weapon holster brand. And when it comes to their belly band holster, we expect nothing but perfection. This brand does not go with the traditional route with belly band holsters. Instead, they opt to go with belly band units that are suitable for specific guns and deliver the best carrying experience for that specific gun.

This particular model is compatible with the Glock 43 and similar weapons. You can find it in three different sizes and the large one can support up to 49 inches of waist size. So make sure you check the size of the one that you are buying and see if it will fit your body size perfectly.

The holster in the belly band is made using molded Kydex. Since the material is hard and molded to suit a specific weapon, it offers superior retention and draws speed. In addition, the unit features a well-designed trigger guard to prevent any misfire or accidents while pulling out your weapon.

The belly band comes with Velcro backing and features a hook and loop closure system. As a result, you can mount it in different carry positions without any issues whatsoever. It has a very low-profile design meaning concealment with the unit is never an issue as long as you are wearing a shirt.


  • Molded Kydex holster material
  • Supports multiple carry positions
  • Comes in three different sizes
  • High levels of concealment


  • Not very versatile

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Belly Band Holster

A belly band holster is not the most common variant that people use. That is why not many people understand the factors that make a good belly band holster. You might see divided opinions on the matter, but unless you try it out yourself, you will not be able to fully determine whether it is the right choice for you.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of elements that you should check before buying one. These key aspects will make it a lot easier for you to pick out the right product after checking all the facts.

So without further ado, here are some of the things you want to look at when investing in a belly band holster for concealed carry.

  • Construction Material

Since belly band holsters are made to be worn the whole day, you want to make sure that the unit is made with comfortable materials. By design, a belly band holster is difficult to take off suddenly. You need to take off your clothes and all of your weapons out of the holster if you want to take the holster off.

For the best experience, you should go with a belly band holster made of leather, neoprene, or nylon. All of these materials are soft and cause no irritation on the skin. Leather is the most durable of the bunch, but also the most expensive. In terms of durability, nylon and neoprene give you decent performance at a much cheaper price.

You can also find plastic belly band holsters in the market, but we recommend avoiding those. The main reason is that plastic can scratch your skin and cause irritation. That is not something you want from a piece of clothing that you have to wear the whole day.

  • Size of the Holster

You also need to think about the size of the holster before buying it. Since belly band holsters wrap around your body, you want the fit to be just perfect. If the fit is tight, it will feel suffocating to keep wearing it. On the other hand, a loose belly band holster is not a good deal since you have to constantly readjust it.

Finding the perfect size of a specific belly band holster should not be a big issue, however. Most of these products come with different size options to suit different body types. So whether you are oversized, or have a thinner structure, you should be able to find the right fit.

There are also some options out there that offer a universal fit. This type of holster is made with elastic polymers that can adjust to your body shape quite easily. If you are unsure about the size of the holster that you need, these can be great options for you.

  • Retention Capabilities

The good thing about belly band holsters is that they often allow better control over the precise retention of the holster. But not all units share the same principle and some of the cheaper models will often skimp out on this factor. For the best value, you should always take a look at the retention capabilities of the belly band holster before buying it.

The retention of a gun holster indicates how strongly it will hold on to your gun. With a higher level of retention, the weapon will be tightly gripped by the holster. However, too much retention will mean that you will not be able to draw your weapon smoothly when you need it.

A good belly band holster will give you the option to adjust the retention to your liking. Typically, you get some straps that let you adjust the gripping strength. With this option, you will be able to set the retention so that the weapon is held tightly without impacting your draw speed.

  • Weapon Compatibility

Which guns do you want to carry in the belly band holster? This is an extremely important question to ask before committing to a specific holster. Although belly band holsters typically offer a wider range of compatibility for pistols and handguns, there are some models that you cannot use with them.

If you are using compact to regular-sized handguns, you should have no issues in terms of compatibility. Some holsters can even work with sawed-off shotguns or large revolvers. Before investing in a holster, take a look at its compatibility list to determine whether your firearms can fit in the holster.

  • Storage Options

Belly band holsters often come with the capacity to hold more than just one handgun or pistol. This is one of the main benefits of using this type of unit over your typical IWB or OWB holsters. For the best value purchase, consider the storage options you get with a specific belly band holster.

Some of the belly bands in the market even feature extra pockets or compartments to carry small items like wallets, credit cards, or even a few extra rounds of ammunition. This type of design can drastically enhance the value of your investment. After all, even if you do not use the extra space, it can come in handy if you ever need it.

  • Brand Value

Over the years, many brands have come up with their own versions of belly band holsters. The market these days is saturated with so many different units that it can be difficult to differentiate between a good product and a bad one before trying it out yourself. And trying out every single belly band holster is not possible for everyone.

If you do not want to take the risk of ending up with a mediocre unit, you should stick with a reputed brand. Although branded units are typically a bit more expensive, the quality you get from them will be much better. Those holsters will be a lot more durable and comfortable to wear in most cases.

  • Price

Belly band holsters are typically on the cheaper side of the spectrum which is great news for people on a budget. Since most belly band holsters are made with softer and more affordable materials, you can find some pretty good deals if you know where to look.

To make sure you end up with a high-value product, you need to set yourself on a spending limit. Going with the top dog in the market might be a tempting thing, but it is not always what gives you the most value. You need to find the right balance of price and performance so that you end up with a satisfactory unit.

Is it worth buying a belly band holster?

Yes, a belly band holster is a great investment for people who want a good level of concealment and better comfort. It offers some excellent advantages over other types of concealed carry units like IWB or Shoulder holsters. Here are some of the major benefits of using a belly band holster:

  1. The most obvious advantage of using a belly band holster is that it is a concealed carry holster. And like all other concealed carry holsters, it gives you a way to carry your gun during your day-to-day activities without breaking any laws or drawing any unnecessary attention to yourself.
  2. Belly band holsters by design are better at concealment than many other types of holsters. If you ever need to draw your weapon, you can do so without anyone noticing. In fact, you can whip out and aim your gun fully before anyone is aware that you are carrying a gun.
  3. A belly band holster is a great option if you want to carry multiple handguns. Some models come with two or sometimes even more holster pockets. Besides, a belly band holster often has a better range of compatibility. So you will be able to carry many different types of pistols at once.
  4. Most if not all belly band holsters come with one or two extra pockets to hold other small items that are important to you. You can easily store an extra round of ammunition in those pouches. The pouches are also moveable in most cases giving you better control over how you want to keep them.
  5. A belly band holster is much more comfortable to wear compared to an IWB holster. Since these units are made with softer materials, it does not feel irritating on the skin.
  6. Belly band holsters can be worn in different carry positions. Some units even let you wear it around your shoulder doubling as a shoulder holster.
  7. This type of holster is much cheaper in comparison to other variants. If you are on a budget and absolutely need a concealed carry holster, this can be a good option for you.

A belly band holster also has an issue worth knowing about. For instance, because of the design of the belly band holster, you typically have a slower draw speed. However, for all the major benefits that this unit offers, the one simple drawback is not enough to justify not buying it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that are often asked by people who are thinking of buying a belly band holster.

  1. Are belly band holsters durable?

    The durability of your belly band holster depends largely on how you use it. Since most of these units are made with softer materials such as neoprene or nylon, they are susceptible to tearing if you are not careful. However, with a bit of care, a belly band holster can last you quite a while.
    Besides, belly band holsters are typically washable, and if you air dry them, they will look as good as new. You do not want to machine-dry the holsters though as it might damage the unit.

  2. What is the best way to wear a belly band holster?

    As we mentioned before, a belly band holster can be worn in different carry positions. You can usually move the holster around the band to get different carry angles. The most common carry styles for belly band holsters are hip carry, 3.’o clock, 5’o clock, and appendix carry.
    However, some people prefer to wear their belly band holsters higher near the chest so that the gun rests near the shoulder. That is also a viable option if you are cross-drawing your weapon.

  3. Are universal size belly band holsters good?

    A belly band holster comes in different sizes to suit different body types. It is important to get a unit that fits your body perfectly. However, there are some units that come with a universal size.
    Basically, the material of the band in that case is highly elastic and will suit any body shape.
    The issue with this design however is that most of these units are not very durable. Over time, the material starts to lose a lot of its elasticity. After a couple of years, the band will become too loose to wear effectively in a practical situation. That is why we always recommend going with a belly band holster with a specific size range.

Final Thoughts

In a world saturated with different types of IWB or OWB holsters, belly band holsters are definitely a fresher way to go. This type of unit gives you a perfect blend of concealment and comfort which is all you really need from a gun holster for personal safety.

We hope our article on the best belly band holsters could leave you with plenty of good options and enough information to make an educated choice when you are buying one for yourself.

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