Choosing the Right Objective Lens Size for Your Hunting Needs

As an experienced hunter and writer, I can attest to the significance of objective lens size when selecting a hunting scope. It has proven itself that size plays an integral role in both performance of the scope and its ability to deliver successful hunting trips. A Definition of Objective Lens The objective lens is the … Read more

Top 10 Best Pistol Safe Reviews & Buying Guide In 2021

Best Pistol Safe

Due to the rising rate of burglary these days, it has almost become a necessity to keep a gun at home for protecting yourself. If someone does break into your house, you will have only a few seconds to react. And in some situations, calling the cops is not an option. It is because of … Read more

Best and Most Comfortable Sig P365 Holster In 2021

Best Sig P365 Holster

A gun holster is a must-have for any gun owner. If you own a compact handgun like the Sig P365 but do not have the right holster to go with it, there is no point in owning it. After all, if you are walking down the street and come face to face with danger, you … Read more

How To Shoot a Pistol One-Handed? Tips, Tricks, & Drills

Shoot a Pistol One-Handed

Many shooters, including myself, don’t really practice shooting one-handed as much as they should. All of us begin our shooting careers by holding the gun in both hands. Observing past gunfights has taught us that we have a much greater chance of success with a two-handed grip. However, the time for moving on comes once … Read more

History Of Gun Media: How It Was And How It Is Now

History Of Gun Media

Change is never easy. Media outlets focused on gun culture revolve around guns and the Second Amendment. You just have to re-discover all the knowledge that’s out there about guns. Most of them are scattered though. In 1885, The Rifle was founded to talk exclusively about guns. The Rifle became American Rifleman after the NRA … Read more

Long Term Ammo & Gun Storage Tips & Tricks

Ammo & Gun Storage

As a gun owner, you already know the importance of proper storage. Whether it is ammunition or firearms, the key to safety and maintenance is proper storage. Ammunition storage at home is no different. In addition to ammunition, you need storage items to keep it safe. Ammunition can go “bad” or rust if it’s improperly … Read more

10 Things New Gun Owners Need to Know

10 Things New Gun Owners Need to Know

Welcome to our beginner-friendly guide to owning a firearm. You recently became a gun owner, and you just purchased your first firearm. Firstly, congratulations! A rifle, shotgun, pistol, or even a shotgun you purchase for the first time is a great affirmation of the right to bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment. The purchase … Read more

Best IWB Holster for Glock 26 – Tested Results

Glocks are the most popular handgun models in the market. If you are a gun lover, it is a safe bet that you have at least one Glock handgun in your inventory. Their wide variety of high-quality handguns give you a good pool of weapons to choose from. And one of their finest options is … Read more

Best IWB holster for XDS – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best IWB holster for XDS

Personal safety should always be a top priority for any individual. With the rising rate of crime around the states, more and more people have opted to go for a small and concealed weapon to keep themselves safe and protected. One of the best weapons for this job is the Springfield XDS. It is a … Read more